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Can I have my auto glass repaired by any company I want to, or do I have to use my insurance company's recommendation?

Absolutely! you have the right to choose any glass repair company you wish
for your vehicle’s repair needs. You do not have to use the auto glass repair
business recommended by your insurance company. At Elite Auto & Glass,
we have many years of experience working with all insurance providers,and
are a preferred auto glass repair facility for many of them. Do your
research, read the reviews, and get the quality and service you deserve.
After all, you are paying the premiums each month, get the service you

Why choose elite auto & glass?

When choosing elite auto & glass you can expect only quality products to be
installed by certified technicians. We promise to do everything we can to
treat you and your vehicle with the care you deserve. You can have peace of
mind in knowing that when you use elite auto & glass that you are being
taken care of by the best auto glass professionals.

Do i have to contact my insurance company about glass repair before calling Elite auto & Glass?

No. We are experts when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. We
will first verify with your insurer that you have the appropriate insurance
coverage, and from there, we will handle all of the forms and details,
leaving you free to simply set an appointment with our expert auto glass
technicians and receive your professional repair service. Call us first – it may be the only call you need to make.

How long does it take to replace my windshield?

The average windshield replacement takes anywhere from an hour to an
hour and a half depending on the vehicle. The vehicle must sit for at least
30 minutes before it is safe to drive (Safe Drive Away Time).

Does elite auto & glass only replace windshield?

No. elite auto & glass is a full-service glass repair facility and we are
qualified to replace any glass in your vehicle including driver/passenger-side
windows, rear glass, headlights, side mirrors etc. Please give us a call for a
free estimate, whatever your need!

Is oem glass better than aftermarket?

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer are products that are made to
exact specifications as the original parts from the manufacturer. This
ensures that the equipment will work as well as the original did. If
aftermarket products are used they still will work, infact the aftermarket
manufactures make the glass for the oem market.

Will my insurance company original oem glass?

Yes and no. some insurance agencies are covering Original Equipment
Manufacturer glass. OEM glass is usually only covered by the insurance
company if the vehicle is 5 years old or newer.

What happens if I don't have full coverage?

we can still help. We offer affordable auto glass repair and windshield
replacement services that will fit almost any budget.

Are rock chips covered by my insurance company?

Yes, if you hvae full covearge on your policy, rock chips are covered, if not,
please dont worry, a repair can cost as little as $39.95, any additional
repairs are $10 each.

What is my deductible?

The cost of your deductible varies when it comes to a replacement,
and will depend on the type of coverage you have. there is a wide
range of policies, and we will need to verify what deductible amount is
on your policy.

Will my insurance premium go up?

On average you are allowed 3 claims every two years and the impact
on your premiums depends largely on your claim history and how your
insurance company handles its claims.

Why fix my chip and what to expect after completion?

While the chip may disappear by 75-90% there is also a chance that
it may not change in appearance. This can be caused by multiple
factors including moisture or dirt that has contaminated the chip.
The sooner you get it repaired the better the clarity and overall
success of the repair. The chip will be smooth to the touch and
sealed so nothing can get in or out of the chip.

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